Shakespeare English Fellowship

William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare was an English poet, playwright, and actor, widely regarded as the greatest writer in the English language and the world's pre-eminent dramatist.

Shakespeare English Fellowship S.E.F (2019-20)

Indo American Olympiad Foundation andOxford university Press are pleased to announce the "SHAKESPEARE ENGLISH FELLOWSHIP" 2019.
Under EF, a scholarship of Rs 2500/- each plus a Merit Certificate is given to 200 students in India in recognition of their excellence in English Language

◈ The SEF is a one time scholarship.
◈ Under S.E.F., 200 School students from across India will be selected.
◈ The Selection of the S.E.F Winners will be done from recommendations sent by schools.
◈ Each selected student will be awarded a scholarship of Rs 2500 & a Merit Certificate as a recognition of her/his excellence in English Language
◈ Cheque for the amount, in favour of the selected student, will be dispatched at her school addres.

◈ A School may send a proposal recommending a student for consideration for S.E.F. The School must be a participant in the IAEO being held in October 2019.
◈ Each school may recommend only one student.
◈ Recommendation should be signed by the school Principal / Head Master / Head Mistress only.
◈ Recommendation should be in specified format ( enclosed ) and complete in all respects / with required attachments.
◈ The student being Recommended must be studying in recommending school in class two to class ten.
◈ The student should have sored atleast 90% marks or equivalent grade in English subject in annual aggregate in previous class.
◈ Student should have scored atleast 85% or equivalent grades in previous years exam as aggregate.
◈ All recommendations received will be evaluated by a Committee set up by IAOF.
◈ Winners of S.E.F. will be notified individually and through respective schools.
◈ Decision of the IAOF Committee will be final and binding.
◈ Recommendation under S.E.F should reach by 30th Dec 2019, at the South Indian Corporate Office of Indo American Olympiad Foundation at Amaravathi, A.P., India Only..