Over the years we have been in the process of creating awareness among the students and school authorities by organizing and conducting International Olympiads. IAOD objectives are 100% fulfilled and appreciated by millions of students and thousand of school organizations who have been benfitted directely from its skill based assessment programmes. In future, According to the needs and deeds of the next generation we frame a versatile educational programme to enhance Scientific temperament in the world.

Our aimis making students to exhibit their internal skils, memory and their knowledge. To Achieve the aim, the foundation conduct various programmes like seminars, workshops, Brain Storming at schools. We aims to create a large talented pool of science prodigies who complete on a distinctive global platform. In global phenomena, IAOF gives the support students to stand as global competitors

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Assessment of one’s language skills is the key to indentifying and measuring educational achievement

11 October, 2019


Maths and technology is the basics of modern civilization. It has invaded every branch of modern life

15 November, 2019


The science Olympiad conductedby IASOaims to recognize the raw scientific feavour and talent within students of formative age.

06 December, 2019

Why American Olympiad Foundation

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Unlike regular tests which try only to findout now much a child knows, our exams measure how well a student has understood the concepts and gives a detailed feedback and same, to help him or improve.

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Explore the upcoming technocrats, Scientists at school level, Support children acknowledge in international ? national competitive platform & promotes an Exclusive rewardd based Olympiads.