About us


INDO AMERICAN OLYMPIAD FOUNDATION is a centre of education entirely devoted to the promotion of Mathematical Scientific and Communicative English skills among school going children. We conduct the international Maths, Science and English Olympiad Examination every year to enable students to strengthen their basic concepts and analytical ability and build a firm foundation for future competitive examinations such as NTSE, IIT-JEE, AIEEE, AIIMS, AFMC, CAT, NEET, GRE etc. it is based on a system that test not just the memory but also the Childs abilities, hidden talents and special aptitudes. We strive to help our students develop the essential, fundamental knowledge of maths, science and English at early ages. We believe in the importance of establishing a solid foundation in maths, science and English as it becoming important to student success. We make sure every single IAOF students gains lifelong educational and real world expertise. We make it a priority to provide students and individualized rankings, international rankings, National Rankings, students performance reports allowing them to easily track their success

IAOF is a reknowed organization which established to extract the hidden talents of the school children it develops enthusiasm in academics the overseas and India. It is strengthen by prominent professors in Science, Maths and English. It is associated with oxford university press. It has been working to promote competitive spirit and scientific temperament in students community across the globe through smart learning technology.

ADVANCED ASSESMENT METHODS: Unlike regular tests which try only to find out how much a child knows, our exams measure how well a student has understood the concepts and gives a detailed feedback and same, to help him or improve


  • EXPLORE the upcoming technocrats, Scienticts at schoollevel
  • Support children acknowledge in international/National competitive platofrm
  • Promote an exclusive rewards based Olympiads
  • Make changes in idea of approach towards the science, Maths and other subjects to make it more interested
  • IAOF works for educational excellence of students in different streams like Maths, Science, English and many other subjects
  • We stand for qualitative Assesment which paved the pathways towards skill world